Truckit Bucket -NEW!

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Blackwax denim outer shell +

B/w ziggy liner+

Snow White  cable +

Light grey pockets +

Bluebird runners 

Truckit Bucket began as a mountain bike gear bag; a solution that grew out of the frustration of getting to the trail and realizing I had forgotten something. But, since we launched there have been many people that have found many alternate uses for their bucket, so don't feel you're limited to use it for any one thing!
Pack all the gear that you *think* you might need in the bucket and throw the whole lot into your truck (or trunk, or backseat!) and have it with you for the moments before you hop on your bike for a ride (or run to a yoga class, or go skiing, etc...)
The bucket has grab-and-go handles which are easy to reach out of the back of your vehicle, or off the floor of your gear room. When you’re done a ride, stuff your pads and gloves in the quick-dry outer pockets, throw your helmet in the top, and you are good to go for next time. Store your tools, extra shirt, clean socks and rain gear in the bucket for those weather surprises at the trailhead or race.
Designed, developed, and handmade, by us, here in our home studio in the West Kootenays of BC... the best testing grounds for any outdoor sport related product :)